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I could not possibly be any any happier with Don and Steve at Lott’s Treasures!! They did the estate sale at my parents home and did an outstanding job!! From the very first meeting I knew I was with the right people. They were so fair, compassionate, and understanding about this process. Also, they were very easy to work with and quick to respond when I had questions. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome as well. I can only give five stars but I would’ve given 10!! Thank you Don and Steve!!


Lori Y.



Sadly our family was faced with needing to have an estate sale with a house that held 65 years of memories and collected treasures. We ended up interviewing a few different companies, but as soon as Steven and Don walked in for the first time I knew we had found the people we were meant to work with. Their reassurance, compassion and empathy for our situation was only matched by their determination to do a great job and to keep us informed each step of the way. I could write all day, but words can’t really describe how invaluable the service Lott’s Treasures provide gave peace to our family in a time when we needed it the most. Strangers I met through a business need ended up feeling like family. I would recommend Lott’s Treasures to anyone needing an estate sale. Thank you Lott’s and your entire staff of professional and kind people.


Donna J.




Thank you to LOTTS Treasures they  did a fantastic job with our Estate Sale.

My first contact was with Don and he was great, from the first day I met with him to the last day when he met with the charity pick up.

I didn’t have to worry about anything because Don, Steve, and their crew took care of everything.

I highly recommend them.


Anika P.




Never doing this before, and living in another state, was a big concern to me. I had no idea how this works, what I needed to do etc. Thank God for great neighbors, who took it upon themselves to seek out the best of at least eight to ten Estate Sale Companies, it came down to Lott's Treasures and one other. The two were brought  to  the house and stated to the neighbors involved exactly what they and how they would conduct the sale. LOTT's, got the job on their professionalism. The other group was a younger group and lacked intrest, detail and professionalism.

I along with my family was able to sit down with both Steve and Don, to go over the contract and answer any questions we may of had and went on to tell us alittle bit of themselves also. We all felt comfortable that we were leaving my  brothers home in good hands. They work hard and work long hours to prepare the home for the sale. We were well educated in conducting an Estate Sale but would never want to do one. It's exhausting!

Thank You both Steve and Don along with your staff of wonderful and knowledgeable people. God bless you all.



Ed O.





Having Lott's Treasures handle my estate sale is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I intended to interview several companies, but after spending a few minutes with Steve Lott and Don, no other interviews were necessary. The confidence and professionalism of those two men totally took away any concerns I had. I had DREADED the whole process of an estate sale, but Steve and Don assured me that they would take care of everything and they did! They were efficient, punctual and kept me completely informed before, during and after the event. They are both well versed on value and research value where it's needed. Additionally, my house was left in PRISTINE condition following the sale. I couldn't be happier with Lott's Treasures. I would hire Steve and Don again and not change a thing. If you are planning an estate sale and don't know where to begin, call Lott's. It will be THE BEST decision you could possible make.


Jill C.



Absolutely the best. Thank you for such a successful sale. I highly recommend Steve and Don and their crew of awesome people.


Annette B.




Steve, Don and the rest of the team at Lott's Treasures did an outstanding job for me. They are not only professionals but they are caring people. Steve and Don listened and understood my specific needs and worked diligently to ensure that those needs were met. If you are looking at estate sales companies I highly recommend Steve and Don and the rest of their team at Lott's Treasures.


Dana B.





We had a great experience with Lott’s Treasures on the estate sale of our home.  While interviewing many similar service providers, the Lott team impressed us with their honesty and attention to many details which were gathered through their years of experiences.  They were very thorough in setting our expectations on the many activities; pre, during and post sale.  Through the overall process, they were highly communicative with us and while they were also in a high demand period we did not see any impact to the overall program. They even concluded with a full home and garage clean-up which satisfied what was needed on closing out our property.  The experience resulted in a direct deposit to our account with a clean home to leave with new buyers.  We would recommend the Lott team !


Steve & Susan A.




Steve and Don are really terrific to work with. They really, really care about doing the best job possible for each customer. I met with them several times before deciding to sign on and was very impressed every time with their honesty. They did an amazing job with my estate sale, I couldn't believe how great the place looked after they were done setting up. I had some special requirements as to when the sale could be done and they were very accommodating. The sale did well and I was very pleased with the $ outcome. I would strongly recommend them again to anyone looking for two of the most honest, professional estate sale planners in all of Georgia.



Steve E.



I had no idea where to start when faced with the task of liquidating my Mom’s estate. So I called a close friend who is an antiques dealer and attends estate sales every week. She said if she were in my shoes she would call Steve Lott. That turned out to be a great recommendation. Steve an Don were great to work with. We quickly decided on a plan and they took everything from there. The staging for the sale was amazing and really encouraged people to buy. And buy they did, the final total was about twice what I expected to get which was huge for my family. After the sale they coordinated with a great charity to have there house totally cleaned out and emptied. They did an amazing amount of hard work. Steve, Don, and the whole team are not only very good at what they do (they will haggle with the best to get a good price) but they are also just great people. If you are dealing with an estate, you already have a full plate - let Steve and Don handle some of it.



Richard S.



Lotts treasures was great to work - Steve and Don were so professional . I really enjoyed working with them . Their staff was also very professional and great to work with . Thanks for a great sale . I would highly recommend them.



Tara P.




Lott’s Treasures and Estate Sales went above and beyond the call of duty to help us!  My father-in-law passed away and we needed to put his house on the real estate market.  Although the house had great treasures in it, it was too crowded with “stuff” to try to sell.  Our agent recommended we have an estate sale, which we knew absolutely nothing about.  I called Lott’s Treasures and spoke to Steve.


Within 2 days, Steve and Don met us at the house.  They worked around our schedule since we live in Alabama and the sale was to be in Georgia.  Their company was very busy at the time, but they made sure to accommodate us.  In just over a week, they had the house organized, priced and ready for the sale.  We did not have to be there, they took care of it all!  What a relieve!  Any items that didn’t sell were donated and we didn’t have to do a thing.  We returned to an empty, clean house and now had the money to continue to maintain the house until we sell it.


This is a process that would have taken us weeks if not months to do ourselves and brought with it headaches and heartache.  We will be forever grateful for Lott’s Treasures!  Steve and Don are awesome, caring people!



Bob & Laurie T.




There are no words for me to express my gratitude to Steve, Don and the staff at Lott's Treasures. They conducted an estate sale for my family in April. This was one of the hardest things I've done since my Father passed away and my Mother was put into an assisted living home. The sincerity of Steve and Don was top notch. When they came to my parent's home they assured me that they would stage it and I wouldn't recognize it when they were ready for the sale. I went over the night prior to the sale and was totally AMAZED! It looked beautiful. Steve, Don and I had the opportunity on several occasions to sit and talk. I know I have two new friends and know they would do anything for me if needed. I highly recommend their company if you are in the need of an estate sale.


Pam T.




Being the typical, clichéd cynical New Yorker type that is often described in someone’s tales of their New York trips to or vacations spent at:  The one that often feels that he’s being conned or taken advantage of if even asked a question from a stranger.  It fell upon me to have to go down to Georgia and take care of my mother’s estate. One of the things I had to take care of was an Estate Sale of the contents of her house.  Now of course me, smart guy, I could sell this stuff myself on Ebay I do have over 1300 positives so no problem well.... Yeah sure, like I have the time and energy to do that.  One or two pieces maybe but a houseful.  No way.  I had to find a company to do the Estate sale. From my home in NYC I called some estate sale companies I found on the web to set up appointments.  When I got down to Marietta I had about 6 appointments in one week.


The first was with Lott’s.  Unfortunately the weather was very Georgia like and I got a call from Steve Lott saying that he was iced in and couldn’t come.  We rescheduled so that instead of being the first he became the last.  Steve expressed his concern about that turnaround.  That it might work against him.  I didn’t disagree. Anyway I met with those other 5 companies, did walk-arounds and had sit-downs. I asked a lot of questions in the beginning but I quickly learned what I really needed to know so it got easier and the questions fewer.  So by the time Steve and Don did meet with me I knew what I wanted to know. Turns out they didn’t have to worry.  After the usual walk-around and a short sit-down I knew that they were the ones.  Why?  Well there were a number of reasons.  Most importantly to someone like me who sells on Ebay they know that you can’t identify and price a house full of stuff in a few days.  They said they needed 3 weeks to set up as opposed to a few days.  Only one of the other companies said that same thing so that really narrowed it down since that company had other issues. Nothing worse than showing mom’s old vase that you think is valuable and them just glancing over it and walking away.


I could go on about it but just let me say that they are the best choice I could have made.  They were on top of everything. Incredibly patient with me. They made me more money than I thought possible.  And isn’t that the most important thing?  Well that and helping me maintain my sanity.  I made a point of not being there for the sale and left everything in their hands. Parking, dealing with the locals and cleaning up after.  All good. Seriously, I think that they are the best.  Honest, reliable, hardworking and true to their word.  Take it from Mr. Cynical they are that good. If you need to have an Estate Sale by all means see as many different companies as you can but definitely include Lott’s and you will not regret it.

Michael K





I highly recommend Lott's Treasures to manage any estate sale. Steve, Don and the rest of their staff did an amazing job of the estate sale for which I hired them. I felt devastated and overwhelmed after the loss of my sister but the personal service Lott's Treasures provided made the transition easier and relieved the pressure I felt to accomplish a huge task. It was a turnkey operation as they took care of so many details and offered resources for other services I needed. They were very helpful, friendly and went over and above what was required. I could not have asked for better service and feel very fortunate to have found this trustworthy company.

Kathy B.





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